Our director shared recipes using black rice noodles and kale on FM 95.8 today!


本公司戴成裕先生,很榮幸受到FM95.8 城市頻道的邀請,於十月二十二日星期二,下午四點麗貞的{貞情我當家節目},談談不含麩質食品的好處,以及介紹幾道美味營養的好菜,如:有机冷黑糙米河粉,和蜜糖烘烤羽衣甘蓝!



Our director, Mr. Tai Seng Yee, was interviewed by a Mandarin radio station, Capital 95.8FM, at 4pm today.On air, he shared the benefits of consuming Simply Natural’s Organic Black Rice Noodles as well as the benefits of eating organic kale – which is a great source of antioxidants and fibre.

He also shared simple recipes such as Cold Black Rice Noodles and Honey Baked Kale with the listeners. 

Did you manage to catch him on-air today?